Portal of Soul

where spirituality meets business

…because if we look at humanity, the world needed you yesterday!

Welcome beautiful soul!

I have so very often wondered, where I could meet women who tick the way I do – who breathe in spiritual depth and thriving businesses. Women who know there is something greater out there and believe in the power and support of the universe.

I was yearning for a tribe, collective rising, soul connections, soul sisters who I could be all witchy with AND create alongside each other a business that supports us collectively. Where business meets modern spirituality and ancient practices.

Now, before you take the time to read on, take a deep breath in with me – hold at the top – 5,4,3,2,1 and exhale.

perfect, let's start:

With Portal of Soul, my deepest wish is to open up the space for you – no matter where you are at right now in your journey & business – to open yourself up, to gather, to show yourself fully, to make soul connections and talk business. A space that allows all facets of YOU.

For so long, I’ve desired to create a space for you where you feel worthy AF, safe, supported & understood so that you can finally fully integrate all parts of who you are and meant to be and to show it to the world UNAPOLOGETICALLY, like the powerful women that you are.

I am so excited to now fully step into my guidance and introduce you to POS.

Not in pressure, but in pleasure.

Your home is calling.

POS is all about connection.
The connection to yourself, your soul mission aka your business and your intuition.

PLUS the connection & expression to others. Because always remember, when you don’t share your truth, you won’t be able to make the impact that your soul desires.

It’s the entry level to my life-changing experiences & I invite YOU in. It is as much an honor for me as for you, love.

What's included:

Community Area

Private community area to connect, collaborate & co-create

Member of Month

One member will monthly be highlighted & can use this space to f.i. pitch their biz & share their truth


Each month one Masterclass + Workbook drops where you’ll learn more about all things spirituality and business from Liza or guest experts. Each workshop will be themed around a soul-led business to create greater impact collectively.

Live Workshop

A monthly 60+ minute session where you’ll be able to ask questions and receive mentorship from Liza and / or the expert who held the masterclass.


access to additional resources!

What you can expect

I want you to come in, make yourself comfortable and call Portal of Soul your new home.
This is the reason, why…
  • I’ll provide the structure, so that you can flow & rise.
  • I’ll bring in focus, so that you can start opening
    yourself up for endless possibilities.


There are two options to become part of the membership. The selected amount will be withdrawn from your bank account. The membership is a founder-investment of 77,-€ monthly.
Or you can sign up for a year for 777,- € and get 2 months for free!

There are no additional costs related to POS.

Within the Portal of Soul membership, you will gain exclusive access to ALL (past, current & future) monthly masterclasses recorded by Liza or guest experts and the matching downloads (workbooks, meditations, etc.). You will also receive access to the internal community area, the live Q&A session with Liza or a guest expert, as well as member bonuses for future programs.

Even though we are sad to see you leave, we want to make this process as smooth as possible for you. This being said, there is a 3 month initial binding period. After this is over, you can cancel anytime until the last day of the month (28/29/30/31) & then you will be out of POS by the upcoming first of the month.

Nothing special really, except: access to the internet // wifi. And, something to watch the sessions with and at best something where you can write down all your thoughts (pen+paper, ipad, computer, phone etc.).

Legal Disclaimer ‘healing’ ‘curing’ etc.

For legal reasons, I would like to point out that all coaching/mentoring services and communication, delivered by Liza Marie Leiss, as well as information available on this website (portalofsoul.com) are meant to help you find direction, receive inputs, and identify the areas in your life and in your thought processes that may be standing in your way to living a fuller life. However, coaching is not and do not replace any professional mental health care or medical care. If you feel psychologically stressed to the point that it is interfering with your ability to function, please seek the help you need in the form of a professional counselor. Any of my mentoring, coachings, courses, programs etc. held by Liza Marie Leiss are not medical treatments or therapies. My advice is based on my 5 years educational leadership & management studies, 2 years of working closely with 1:1 clients and 5 different coaching certificates as well as spiritual background.

Legal Disclaimer ‘business’ ‘money’ etc.

For legal reasons, I would like to point out that all coaching/mentoring services and communication, delivered by Liza Marie Leiss, as well as information available on this website (portalofsoul.com) are meant to help you find clarity in how you can start, build and scale a business. Liza Marie Leiss is not promising outcomes included but not limited to increased clientele, profitability and or business success. 

Join or don't-it's your decision!

But with you, the collective light just got a bit brighter.

Always remember: You get to have it all, the spirituality & the business
& it starts within you.